Fred Yehi vs. Thomas Shire (SLA Spirit of Spaulding N1 8/7/20)

Match Reviews

Featured image by @mrejr8234

The more I see of Fred Yehi, the more convinced I am that something is terribly broken with the pro wrestling industry that’s keeping him from reaching greater heights. Everything he does is just so damn explosive and on point that he might be one of the most convincing wrestlers on the planet today. He’s not overly theatrical or particularly expressive but when he hits an offensive maneuver, you can feel it in your bones.

Shire is not slouch either. He lays in those Dory-style lifters better than anyone else going today. He also brought a lot of nuance to his leg selling here when Yehi targeted it in the early half of the match. It lies on the exact opposite of the spectrum to Tetsuya Endo, very subdued and subtle but noticeable enough for both the viewer and commentary team to notice. Didn’t even crumble on it but I give him props for it because Yehi wasn’t able to direct too much time to attacking the leg anyway.

Everything in this match looked great. The strikes, the grappling, it all just worked. Could have shaved a few minutes off for my liking but it came off as a far more well rounded version of the Kenoh vs. Nakajima match this past week. The heavy hands steal the show but Shire and Yehi have other tricks they can pull too.

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