Tetsuya Endo vs. Yuki Ueno (DDT Summer Vacation 2020 7/23/20)

Match Reviews

A much more straightforward piece of business than their title match from TV SHOW and a little less interesting for it. Instead of being a hot, tense cash in, we have a straight up title match where Endo is working with a healed knee for once. The match does lack that kind of grounding and tethering to have a proper narrative thread through its runtime. So while the action is always good and decent at worst, it does wander a little in the second act during Endo’s control segment and the beginnings of Ueno’s comeback. Ueno’s strikes felt inconsistent throughout ranging from soft and pathetic to stiff and startling. There’s a lot of mat work here that doesn’t really go anywhere and really pads out the middle of the match. Things pick up nicely once Endo starts going into referee spots and the action escalates well enough to put together a very good title match that probably does goes a little too long. Big spots towards the end got a rise out of me enough to give this a light recommendation.

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