The guy who won the worst match on the show won the whole tournament over Dominic Garrini, Tom Lawlor, and Erick Stevens. Also Tom Lawlor does an eye for an eye pun somewhere in there.

This match is Not Good. Broken from the word go in that they tried to book a gauntlet match where four men are legal at any time with entrants coming to replace the people who get eliminated. Even more unappealing when you see that AJ Gray, Kevin Ku, and Lee Moriarty didn’t even make it to the finals. In execution, exactly as messy as you’d imagine and somehow even worse? The final act plays out more as an angle to set up a Lawlor-Bonnar match down the line while somehow ending with Bobby Beverly winning over all the other names on this card.

Woof, my friends. Woof.

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