Always great to see Kairi around getting to work with time and motivation. Rumors over the weekend have been circulating about her planning to pack things up and move back to Japan. Some have speculated that this could potentially signal the end of not just her time with the WWE but also her in-ring career as a whole. Those rumors do a lot to add to the joy of seeing her being able to work here.

She comes in looking motivated too. Hot strike exchange to open with her and Sasha laying shots in stiffer than normal. All part of a really great babyface shine for Kairi that culminates in a baseball slide dropkick knocking both Bayley and Sasha down.

After the commercial break, we get a really fun Sasha heat segment. She’s able to really play off the better parts of her bully persona here. A couple of vicious backbreakers and a nice bit of stretching too. Makes the eventual comeback all the sweeter and all the more frustrating that we don’t get a finish to this match.

As it is, it sits jut outside of greatness. Instead, it’s just a pleasant surprise, very good for what it is and a glimmer of hope that Kairi might stick around a little longer.

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