Hell yeah.

Two big beef boys who somehow still fit the term “junior heavyweight” just clashing into each other head on for twenty minutes. It’s the kind of powerful simplicity that excels in these empty arena settings. Just a pair of really great wrestlers smacking up against each other for twenty minutes.

Shingo adds a lot of substance to this however by adding in arm selling. It’s a fantastic wrinkle to the match that creates a lot of different opportunities to add to the work being done here. Shingo does an excellent job selling the arm, registering the hurt from having to hit too hard and returning to it all throughout the match to keep it in the mind of the viewer.

SHO looks absolutely as good as advertised here, laying his shots in on Shingo. He’s very much still the underdog against the much more experienced NEVER Champ but he more than earns the victory at the end with his string of stiff strikes and big bombs.

This is not a match that truly needs explaining or even discussion. It’s obvious and strong in a way that even their BOSJ match last year was not. Where that match felt overambitious and overlong this match feels like it achieves exactly what it set out to. Give this a watch, the time will pass by without trouble.

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