Tetsuya Endo, T-Hawk, & El Lindaman vs. Kazusada Higuchi, Yukio Sakaguchi, & Saki Akai (DDT TV SHOW #7 6/20/20)

Match Reviews

Incredibly hard to go wrong with the DDT six-man tag team formula. Here we have DAMNHEARTS defending the six-man titles against Eruption and they do well to pepper in small character based threads to amplify the already impeccable structuring of the match. The main emotional arc of the match comes from El Lindaman disrespecting Saki Akai, egging her on before the bell only to tag out as soon as the match starts. Just classic heel shenanigans on that front.

Akai becomes the default face in peril for much of the first match. She sells and bumps really well for all of DAMNHEARTS’ offense and it makes her incredibly sympathetic. We see the return of some of DAMNHEARTS’ favorite heel tactics like the head pound into the title belt trick. All of this makes Akai incredibly easy to root for.

Once the hot tags start coming, they are as energetic and fun as you might expect from a DDT tag. The action is always slick, multiple parts are often moving in sync, and the spike in energy really helps to drive the match forward into the next control segment. DDT tag team transitions are some of the best in wrestling for how it takes the simple idea of the hot tag and just ramps it up with fast action and cool moves while still always coming back to the fundamental core of what makes tag team matches work: building to tags. By the time, they enter the frenetic finishing stretch, it’s incredibly satisfying to see Akai get her revenge on Lindaman and things build up to Eruption claiming the belts. Great stuff here.

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