Jun Akiyama vs. Makoto Oishi (DDT TV SHOW #7 6/20/20)

Match Reviews

Akiyama fucking rules, guys. Uncle Jun popping up in DDT and being a featured performer on TV SHOW is a blessing to all. This is another brief but action packed banger from Akiyama, this time against Makoto Oishi who I know best from wrestling Jun Akiyama on June 20th. This match actually gets helped by having a crowd along, it adds to the atmosphere in a way that simply couldn’t be done in the Watase match. Akiyama brings the heat with his offense, some great knees and strong exchanges on the mat and Oishi sells well and gets his hope spots in. But yeah, this is the Akiyama show and it’s insane that he’s having such a prolific and high quality year in 2020. Long live the Fifth Pillar.

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