A direct sequel to the Business Alliance vs. ALL OUT tag, this completes a nifty little three match story on this episode of DDT TV SHOW. Earlier in the night Ueno wins the Right to Challenge Anytime, Anywhere and decides that now’s a good time while the newly minted champ has a busted up knee. He even gets the early jump on Endo going in to kick things off here.

Ueno tries to take advantage but Endo’s able to get him up and toss him out of the ring to even things up. After the bump to the floor, Endo suddenly feels much more in control of things. It makes for an interesting dynamic where even though he’s the injured champion who’s already wrestled once tonight, it feels like Ueno’s the one climbing uphill.

Ueno makes some attempts to go after the knee but his main weapon is really just grit and youthful energy. The best moments in the match are just him trying to strike his way through Endo but never quite being able to get the advantage. In fact despite getting the jump on Endo, Ueno continues to feel like the underdog through most of this.

There’s some stumbling points here and there. The early bump to the floor killed a lot of momentum and the submission exchanges in the ring didn’t do much to help that. But once they start to escape the pretense that this match has anything to do with leg work, it gets much better. Really great little match here from two guys I’m steadily becoming a fan of.

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