Konosuke Takeshita, Yuki Ino, & Shunma Katsumata vs. Tetsuya Endo, T-Hawk, & El Lindaman (DDT Dramatic Hykaumangoku! 2020 3/22/20)

Match Reviews

Good tag wrestling just works, you know? That sounds like such an obvious blatant statement but tag team wrestling clicking on all cylinders is its own special kind of magic that most singles matches will never be able to replicate.

This was some damn good tag team wrestling. Very much a chicken soup match in how easy it is to watch. On the Business Alliance side of the match, we have three of my favorite performers in DDT. Endo gets to stretch his legs here, literally, without the burden of selling a knee. T-Hawk is just a fantastic performer that hits everything with real urgency and brutality. El Lindaman continues to be a charismatic force in his physicality and he’s pretty good at tossing people around with German Suplexes too.

Takeshita holds down the ALL OUT side of things. He’s not really the anchor of this match though as Katsumata probably gets the bulk of the ring work in here. Takeshita is a pretty great hot tag and the trios work that he is able to string together with Katsumata and Ino makes for some really great shifts in momentum through the match. Ino’s a fun comedy bruiser with a lot of personality to supplement his mostly simplistic offense. It works because even if he’s not doing wild sequences like everyone else in this match, he’s still projecting and compelling to watch.

Perfectly paced from early exchanges into a heat segment and then into wild shifts of control as the finishing stretch builds and mounts to its conclusion. It’s not the kind of match that will stick with you for long but it’s one that you’d welcome if it ever came up again.

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