Nautilus vs. T-Hawk & El Lindaman (DDT Wrestle Peter Pan N2 6/6/20)

Match Reviews

This match fucks so goddamn hard.

Probably the best tag team match we’ve had in this quarantine period, everything about this was just incredibly enjoyable to me. The main highlights of this were the interactions between T-Hawk and Ueno. T-Hawk beat the tar out of him but Ueno was completely game to give back as good as he got. This translated into a pretty great heat segment which saw the #STRONGHEARTS contingent working over Ueno’s back. Lindaman and T-Hawk nailed Ueneo with some absolutely disgusting scoop slams and Ueno conveyed that into some really sympathetic selling.

Lindaman as always brings a lot of flavor to this match with his strong physical charisma. It makes him work incredibly well as both a vicious worker in control plus a bumper for when Yoshimura comes in for the hot tag. Yoshimura didn’t do much in this match outside of what suited him best which is a bunch of great power moves during the comeback. The heavy lifting returns to Ueno by the end of it who runs Lindaman through the ringer before getting the win.

I loved this. Just nonstop action all throughout even through the heat segment which saw some really great viciousness from #STRONGHEARTS and believable selling from Ueno. Just a delightful rush of action with a sound structure and the timing to not overstay its welcome.

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