There was a lot of good here but then a whole lot more nothing around it. In parts, it looks decent enough. The opening mat work looked good, you got your big table spots, there’s some leg work for Endo to sell his ass off, you get another fantastic table spot, and then a finishing run. But the connective tissue in between all the good just didn’t quite click for me. This didn’t need to be as long as it was and even though I did generally enjoy most of the highs, I didn’t find myself nearly as invested for everything else.

That being said, what is good is great here. Endo’s selling will be deemed vanity selling by some but I’m a sucker for some really expressive limb psychology. Combine that with a delightful handspring crumble spot and that’s enough nerd bait to get me forgiving a lot of stuff in this match. It’s that element that adds to something like Endo blocking Tanaka’s splash through a table by getting his knees up. It’s not just a visually dazzling spot but the added stake of Endo sacrificing his knee makes it all the more compelling.

This lies on the borders of great. Definitely worth seeing especially if you’re a big Endo fan to begin with. It’s a moment worth seeing but not one I’ll revisit.

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