This was a pleasant enough tag match that made good use of its time and the participants involved. HARASHIMA & MAO did some good work on the mat including some of MAO’s British-influenced trickery that made me want to see that develop into a singles match down the line. The bulk of the match comes from a heat segment on ASUKA however where Marufuji in particular gets really nasty with his offense. He batters her with chops and kicks and generally tries to knock her down. ASUKA’s defiant attempts to get back at Marufuji for this become the dramatic crux for most of the match and even though I wasn’t wowed by a lot of her offense, her character did shine through. This tag seemed far more aimed with setting up a singles between ASUKA & Marufuji down the line more than anything else and in that sense, it was rather effective. It didn’t ever rise into anything too great but what we did get was fun stuff anyway.

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