Orange Cassidy vs. Rey Fenix (AEW Dynamite 5/20/20)

Match Reviews

You really just can’t go wrong with a big time Orange Cassidy match. Things start off on exactly the right note with Cassidy nonchalantly dodging the flying murder kick that Fenix hit him with just last week.

Fenix keeps the pace up delightfully as Cassidy shows off his fantastic evasion psychology before firing up into some just classic old school babyface fire. While Fenix does have spectacular offense which creates a lot of tension, he’s not nearly as compelling a bully as PAC was. He doesn’t even seem particularly perturbed or flummoxed by Cassidy, he’s just wrestling in the way that he always does. Which means that this match lies right on the borderline of great instead speeding through it.

There’s some minor hand selling in there when Fenix ends up chopping the ringpost but that doesn’t develop into anything more interesting. Instead, we get some decent bomb throwing before Kip Sabian comes in for the distraction to set up the ladder match at Double or Nothing. Fenix wins with the low blow and a cutter and puts an end to this one.

Fun while it lasted, compact enough to never lose me, but never quite going into that threshold of greatness that Cassidy reached with PAC. All in all, just what you want from a strong TV match.

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