Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara (AEW Dynamite 4/22/20)

Match Reviews

We’re at that delightful sweet spot in these two men’s careers where this can be recognized as ongoing rivalry but without the burden of a long history or overly emotional stakes. Dynamite has presented them as heated rivals and we’re surely destined to see these two wrestle more and more down the line. But for now, they’re in that focused and compact space that allows them to build off what they’ve already down while still maintaining a frantic pace that makes these matches so damn good.

Guevara starts the match hot by diving onto Allin before the bell–a nice little revenge spot from Allin’s same tactic at Revolution. Much like at Revolution, things build towards a big splash from Guevara off the top rope to Allin set up on a ladder this time. Allin works from a deficit right at the go and Guevara isn’t afraid to go after him with a lot of urgency and brutality. But Allin knows exactly how to create openings for himself, going for Guevara’s foot by pulling his boot off and twisting the hell out of the man’s ankle. Guevara does a fantastic job selling the foot work by hitting some impressive high spots while keeping his weight off the bad foot. Perfect merging of the high octane athleticism you want from these two along with some good old fashioned limb work.

Don’t worry though, there’s more nutty bumping here to keep the energy up too. Allin ends up crashing and burning into the barricades on a missed tope deep in the match. In spite of this, it’s the bad foot that comes into play as he’s able to tie up Guevara’s legs into a Last Supper pinning combination for the win.

Fantastic match, a worthy sequel to their affair from Revolution. Worth seeing despite the match itself not really worth risking the health of everyone involved. Go home, guys.

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