If you enjoyed the first two matches these two had for AEW, you’ll enjoy this one as well. It has a lot of the same positives from those two. The two have a really strong chemistry that translates into a well paced and action filled outing. The main motif of the match comes from Cody tweaking his knee early in a bridge out attempt, leading to Allin going for the leg much he did to Guevara. There’s some extra silliness surrounding Allin bumping into Brandi but that’s mostly a distraction from these two working in the ring. It seems to be a pretty common theme in these two’s matches that some extra element gets thrown in that mostly distracts from the positives rather than adding anything on its own. In the first, it was the body bag. In the second, Arn Anderson. And here, Brandi. Then of course, there’s the finish. Whatever it was they were going for, it just didn’t play well. It looked bad from every angle and pretty much stunted a lot of what these two were going for. A stumble, sure, but one I can look past when appreciating everything else these two got to do.

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