Another tick in the Kenny Omega wrestler of the year column. He’s been extremely reliable as a TV worker on Dynamite this year both before and during the COVID era of pro wrestling. Unnecessary and ethically nightmarish as this match may be, it’s another strong effort on Kenny Omega’s part.

He’s very giving as a performer which has drawn some ire from a lot of people in recent weeks but in a setting like this, I think it works. He’s going up against Trent, who hasn’t had much chance to showcase his abilities in singles matches in AEW, and Kenny doesn’t mind giving him a little shine to take away from that match. To that end, Kenny spends a lot of the match bumping hard for Trent and selling for him. There’s a delightful section of hand work in the second act of the match that plays off Kenny’s legitimate injury from Revolution that Kenny sells to perfection. Trent even attacks with some nice variety. While the hand work does fade deeper into the match, it’s not entirely forgotten as Kenny does pay some service to it down the stretch.

The match goes deep, ending right at the cusp of the twenty minute time limit. Liked to see these two actually ramp up the pace and urgency to match the ticking clock. Lends a lot of tension to the closing stretch which just goes to show how something as simple as a time limit can add so much to TV matches like this.

The match clearly seeks to elevate Trent as a singles performer and it succeeds within these nineteen minutes. He does a great job going after Omega, matching his intensity, and exploiting his weaknesses. Fun way to spend twenty minutes of your time but far from essential viewing. More of another strong showcase for Kenny than anything truly must see.

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