This episode of Dynamite pretty much captures Jericho’s greatest strengths and weaknesses as an act in AEW. He opened the night with a fantastic heel comedy segment as he and the Inner Circle celebrated the greatness that is Chris Jericho. It came with some Attitude Era-style prop work and pomp and it worked for what it was. Jericho as a character really works best when he just leans into his own ability for comedic timing instead of trying to come across as some overly malicious heel.

As for the match itself, it’s pretty bad. Extremely dull for the first two acts then somewhat entertaining for the final stretch. Scorpio Sky isn’t really someone who should be working top level main event singles matches these days but especially not against someone as limited as Chris Jericho. The first fifteen minutes or so of this match just kind of plod along without any real tension or urgency because no one believes that Scorpio Sky can leave with the belt and no one really wants it either. Some Inner Circle interference run off by SCU does give Scorpio one TKO nearfall that hooks the crowd just long enough to keep them hot for the finish. But even that is marred by Jericho’s lethargic bumping and Sky’s less than flashy abilities. A real dud here, pretty horrible miscalculation of both guys’ abilities to work together for this match. All things considered, probably Jericho’s worst match of the year up there with the Okada match.

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