Yuya Aoki vs. El Lindaman (BJW Osaka Surprise 48 2/24/20)

Match Reviews

Another junior heavyweight banger from Yuya Aoki. This follows in the footsteps of his great title defense against Fuminori Abe in its use of fast paced action and dueling body work that escalates nicely into the finish. Lindaman may not have Abe’s kicks but there’s something to the guy that’s even better. He has that magnetic charisma to him that makes him delightful to watch. It’s in the way he moves, the way he sells–expressive without being loud. It adds a lot to the match especially when he’s selling. Little things like feeling the cramp in his back before charging in for a corner dropkick really make this match shine for me. By the time things degenerate into a bombfest for the win, it’s hard to deny just how enjoyable this is. Both guys hit a great series of big moves combined with some great looking strike exchanges to take this one home. A lot of fun at a great pace that doesn’t let up.

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