Cali Nueva & Jhemmerlyn vs. The YOLO Twins (PWR Wrestle for Taal 2/5/20)

Match Reviews

Featured image by Hub Pacheco

Much like the All Out Fun match earlier in the night, another tag team match played mostly for laughs. The key concept here is the tension between Jhemmerlyn and Cali Nueva who are suddenly forced to team after Nueva’s face turn joining The Naughty Boys at the end of 2019. With that in mind, this plays out pretty much as the standard partners-who-don’t-get-along match. Doesn’t do too much with that formula that’s too new and mostly only succeeds on how invested the fans already are in these characters.

The YOLO Twins make a good base for Nueva and Jhemmerlyn to work off but proceedings are far from smooth here. Things don’t bode well right from the beginning when Nueva completely flops on a kip up spot. Nueva’s a worker damned by his own ambition in this match. His ring style has been defined by a lot of flashy high flying that takes its influences from lucha but it just didn’t come together in this match. A lot of awkward bumps and blown spots with the sole highlight being a fantastic Code Red towards the finishing stretch.

Does its job furthering the Jhemmerlyn-Nueva angle, but little else.

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