The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles (WWE WrestleMania 36 Night 1 4/4/20)

Match Reviews
Fighting spirit.

Fuck it, this rules.

Sometimes the best way to turn back the clock is to blow up the clock with a gaudy sound effect and pretend that time doesn’t exist in the first place.

When the WWE can’t do good wrestling, they lean back on their tired old adage of “We make movies.” That’s more literal than ever here as they go the way of the Broken Universe or Lucha Underground with just an extended cinematic scene that resembles something out of a B-movie made in the Philippines more than any high level Hollywood production. But by sheer force of willful ignorance to good sense in the face of a global crises and a historic incompetence that shines through without fail, this won me over. From AJ barking out “YOU MADE ME BREAK MY FINGER” to sound effects being meant to augment the punches of the “Best Pure Striker in WWE history,” this match is filled with things that just entertained me all to hell. Is it a deeply stupid addition to WWE canon that’ll leave generations hereafter scratching their heads? Yeah, sure. All these things are true.

So, good for them, I guess?

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