Brock Lesnar vs. Ricochet (WWE Super Showdown 2/27/20)

Match Reviews

Far more insidious and malicious than the much maligned Goldberg-Fiend match. Goldberg vs. The Fiend was exactly what it was always going to be–short, plodding, and awkward. But here? Putting one of the all time great wrestlers against an all time great athlete in a match that stylistically has historical precedent to be amazing? What we get from there is just deeply offensive. Anyone who’s followed Lesnar’s post-UFC WWE career will know that when Lesnar goes up against a small indie boy off the indies, it’s typically a transcendent experience. Unfortunately for us, nothing good ever comes out of Saudi Arabia WWE shows. This match offends by mocking us with what could have been and its staunch determination to be the opposite of that. To all those people railing against how Goldberg and the WWE killed The Fiend, think instead about the man who made a name for himself in Japan, the independents, all over the world, as a must see athlete that had to be seen to be believed. Think now about how that man’s just another part of the roster. Please save your anger for where it’s deserved.

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