Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. The Lucha Bros (AEW Dynamite 2/19/20)

Match Reviews

Just a big ole spotfest here. That’s to be expected of these four, they really weren’t going to have any other type of match once you saw this announced. That being said, it’s a pretty fun spotfest. Not anything groundbreaking but it has all the big spots and eye candy you might expect from a TV tag match between these two teams. Pentagon buries his taunt into the ground, Fenix does cool flips, Kenny does cool knees.

What does elevate this to borderline great status is how the character work that plays into the finishing stretch. For months now, AEW have been building up the distancing between Page and the rest of The Elite and steadily escalating the tension on that front. He and Omega have had some bad miscommunications because of this and here, Page accidentally nails Omega with the Buckshot Lariat. That does a lot to create doubt as to whether Page and Omega could leave Atlanta with the belts in hand especially once Pentagon & Fenix started dropping their bombs on him in succession. Loved how they set up the finish and it came together so smoothly that it really felt like Omega & Page earned this victory here. A fun match made better for how it plays into the overarching stories The Elite are telling.

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