Kazuyuki Fujita, Hideki Suzuki, & Takashi Suguira vs. Go Shiozaki, Katsuhiko Nakajima, & Maybach Taniguchi (NOAH Global Junior League Final 1/30/20)

Match Reviews

The chops are great. I’m sure you guys come to this blog to see some what can pass of as substantial wrestling criticism. But as I’ve said elsewhere in the past, wrestling is a feeling first. If it gets through the heart, I will forgive many mistakes of the mind. And this match strikes a chord in the simplest ways: I like seeing dudes getting hit real hard. The interactions between the big hulking gorilla of a man Kazuyuki Fujita and Go Shiozaki taking turns slapping each other into oblivion brought me joy. Everything else in this match was mostly just there but when Go and Fujita trade chops, it’s magic. And in a wrestling landscape where fans find themselves twisting narratives every which way in their heads to make them make sense, it’s important to treasure the things that make sense on a purely superficial level. More big dudes slapping each other please.

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