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Kylie Rae might be the best intergender wrestler in the world right now. If not, she’s definitely top five because this was another banger of a Freelance World Championship defense from her. In fact, I liked this even better than the Kobe Durst match from January so if Kylie keeps this up, it’ll be quite the year for her.

I’m not too familiar with Freelance Wrestling lore but Frank the Clown seems to be a universally hated figure and his involvement as the manager to Robert Anthony in this match really added to the atmosphere as the crowd was hot as hell. Anthony and Frank made the perfect heel foils to Kylie Rae who is such a lovable figure and especially here in the Chicago area.

Things start off hot with Anthony dropping a leg on Kylie’s neck as she’s making her entrance. He follows it up with a string of sick looking German Suplexes to gain the early control and heat segment. The crowd gets wonderfully riled up and Anthony looks like the biggest prick in the world as he’s putting the beat down on Kylie. Things do slow down for a bit in this segment but they get nice and heated for every time Frank the Clown interferes on Anthony’s behalf. I have no idea why Frank the Clown is so hated but it sure makes for great crowd head.

It’s a rapturous pop when Frank the Clown gets ejected from the ring. He plays it up big too, smacking the guardrails and being carried out by a troop of referees. Great heel stooging there. Certainly much more than Anthony in the ring who plays things pretty stoic for most of this despite his good looking offense.

At this point, Kylie gets to tap into her more aggressive side as a babyface, busting open Robert Anthony by smashing the guardrail into his head. The blade job is pure nastiness, blood absolutely covering Anthony’s torso. Really puts Anthony on the back pedal and puts over just how dangerous Kylie can be when she’s pushed to the edge.

She grabs a chair and does a brief ~morality internal conflict~ spot which I’m not the biggest fan of in wrestling. But it’s brief enough here that it doesn’t take away too much and it’s quickly followed up with Kylie learning her lesson and tossing Anthony into the chair anyway. I’m starting to get to a point where it really takes a lot for a babyface to “go too far” within the confines of a match so any babyface who fights fire with fire earns a lot of points for me. Kylie shows a lot of versatility of roles here, going from absolute underdog to aggressive brutal babyface. What a range this lady has. This was another great performance from Kylie in a match that utilized all its overbooked silliness to maximum effect and never overstayed its welcome. Make sure to check it out because Kylie Rae is on an absolute roll in 2020.

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