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What a hoot this was. First time seeing anything from either of these guys as well as Southern Honor Wrestling as a whole so the video package that opened things up did a lot to add some context. Joe Black & William Huckabee used to be tag team partners, Huckabee turned on Black, lots of blood and hatred to follow.

I’m of two minds about this match. On one hand, it’s not really what it says it is. Although both men do start chained to each other via a dog collar, that gets thrown out the window by the time we get to the halfway point of this match. What started as a pretty decent brawl then goes into big hardcore territory with cheese graters, table spots, and Huckabee tearing up the ring. Although I’m usually not a big fan of long set up spots in hardcore matches, the sight of Huckabee hauling ring boards right into the crowd was incredibly cool.

Things get silly but in the best possible way, I’d say. Huckabee gets dropped into the whole he himself created in the ring which makes for a great comeuppance spot. When he rises back out of the hole, he inexplicably has green mist. Which, you know, sure, why not? Might as well in this match.

The action continues to devolve to the outside at which point they start doing spots on and around a car. At this point, I had dropped most critical factors and just gave in. We get some attempted hammer spots (you always get bonus points for hammers), multiple spears into the car door, and then brawling on top of the car. A lot of it is ridiculous but it’s a comforting kind of ridiculous that just allows you to embrace it and enjoy things. Like I said, quite the hoot. A fun way to kill half an hour from two guys who worked hard and with a lot of creativity.

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