This is the third Robbie Eagles match I’m reviewing for the blog and it impresses me how versatile he’s been in all of them. The first match against Ospreay was your bloated indie epic; the second against Gresham, a more subdued but intricate affair; and here with Alex Zayne, we just get a full on spot show.

This is an incredibly tight affair, going under fifteen minutes, that crams in a lot of the spectacular high flying you’d expect to see from both these guys. Zayne is a great talent for these kind of short but dazzling spot matches and he makes the most of his time here. Zayne nails some sweet dives and hits some pretty decent strikes to complement them as well. Probably his wildest moment in this match is a running Super Dragon Rana off the top, an absurd physical feat that he pulls off with pristine precision.

Eagles on his part is a fantastic dance partner for this kind of match. He’s smooth as anything, can nail a big dive to the outside with a lot of force, and has the ability to bump for pretty much anything that Zayne offers up. It’s in this match that I also noticed one of his favorite pieces of subtle psychology that finds its way in most of his work. Although Zayne doesn’t do a lot of leg work, his springboard dropkick to the knee plays a pretty significant role in his matches. He doesn’t focus on the leg but he does return to it in a pinch to regain the advantage as he does in this match. In anything longer, I’d get on Zayne’s case for not selling the leg but Eagles doesn’t have enough time to make it a significant plot point. It is something notable to keep an eye out for during his match against Panzer next month for PWR though.

This is a fun little thing. Doesn’t take up too much of your time and keeps a brisk pace all the way through.

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