Alex Zayne vs. Chris Bey (GCW Take a Picture 1/18/20)

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Featured image from @cstbtweet

This one took me by surprise. Going in knowing Alex Zayne’s reputation and GCW’s general style as a major indie built around GIF-able moments and wild crazed action, I knew to not expect anything substantial from this. I went in fully expecting nothing more than just some cool fireworks.

Things started a bit shaky in this match. They do the standard flippy dodges and escapes to start. It lacks a little bit of smoothness, it looks like Bey might have slipped on just a few moments. They’re tiny mistakes but the appeal of sequences like these are crispness and accuracy so even minor delays stand out like a sore thumb. Wasn’t too pleased with things at that point.

But then they started getting to the big dives to the outside and things just fell into place for me. Zayne’s offense just looks so damn good that I couldn’t help but be sucked in. It’s big and flashy but also a lot of it looks genuinely brutal as well which is a plus. Bey had some good spots in here as well like his crazy double stomp to Zayne lying on the top rope.

It felt like all the big spots had time to breathe here. Things escalated and you could sense the rising feeling of urgency from both guys as the match takes its toll on them. Was surprised at how (relatively) restrained their approach to this kind of match was.

This is pretty good stuff. Matches like this are like bubble gum: enjoy the pops but stick around too long and it gets bland. Zayne and Bey didn’t overstay their welcome and in this era of wrestling, that’s quite the talent indeed.

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