Alex Shelley vs. Isaias Velasquez (BLP No One Puts BLP in a Corner 1/18/20)

Match Reviews

A perfect little match that wrestles to its spot on the card. Opening up Black Label Pro’s first show of 2020, Alex Shelley and Isaias Velasquez told a strong, compact story of the indie legend getting more than he bargained for from his opponent. Shelley’s recent career renaissance leading to his performing for NXT passes through this indie show where he is the decided favorite to win. But when Velasquez starts attacking Shelley’s wrist, Shelley panics like a wounded animal in a corner. Shelley becomes increasingly agitated by the injury and steadily escalates the intensity of the match to compensate for his weak spot. It’s that organic escalation that makes this match so compelling. A simple story done well, definitely check this out.

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